Saturday, May 23, 2009

Character analysis of Village by the sea

Here is a brief character analysis of the characters in 'Village by the sea'.

1.Protagonist of story
2.Only son of his family
3.Assumes duty of taking care of mother and siblings
1.Oldest in the family
2.Assumes duty of taking care of siblings and parents
Bela and Kamal:
1.Helped to pick shellfish as food for family
2.Younger sisters of the family
3.Only members of family who are currently studying
1.Fell ill with anaemia(lack of iron)
2.Sick for most of the story
1.Irresponsible as a father
2.Perpetually drunk
3.Turned over a new leaf towards the end of the story
1.A friend of Hari's
2.Looking forward to new jobs after the factories have been built in Thul.
3.Quit school
1.A wealthy fisherman
2.First to own a diesel engine boat in Thul
1.A dog living with the family
2.Later killed by the drunk Khanekar brothers
3.Devoted to the family, especially Lila
1.Tried to help the mother by sending the medicine man to cure her
Khanekar brothers
1.Drunk, just like father
2.Wanted to collect debts from the family
The de Silvas
1.Owns a bungalow in Thul
2.Goes to Thul for holidays
3.Helped send mother to hospital
4.Gave jobs to Hari and Lila when they went to Thul
1.Owns an eating house in Bombay
2.Lives in a slum
3. Gave Hari food, shelter and a jobs while Hari was at Bombay
Mr Panwallah
1.Repairs watches for living
2.taught Hari how to mend watches
3.A nice person
Mrs Jagu
1.Unhappy when Jagu brought Hari back home as they did not have enough food to go around in the family.
1.Led villagers to protest in Bombay as they were unhappy about the building of the factories
Watchman of factory
1.Hated Thul
2.Shunned the villagers, thinking that they were dumb and uncivilised
1.Protected Hari while he was sleeping in the park during his trip to Bombay
Sayyid Ali Sahib
1.Came from Bombay to Thul to look research on the birds in Thul
2.Gave the sisters jobs when the de Silvas returned to Bombay

This is the end of the character analysis.


  1. Thanks so much for posting this. I am currently studying this novel for our exams and as this is our supplementary reader we do not get help from our teachers. The brief character analysis has made me understand the story better and I hope that would be enough for my exams.

    Thanks again!!